Edinburgh - Sunday 4th October, The Meadows

Registration costs just £25 - What's stopping you?

Ditch your normal running clothes, say 'Sayonara' to the lycra, and throw down that stopwatch! Join us at our Sumo Runs where we will be putting the FUN firmly back into 'Fun-run'

Get ready a real feel-good morning; you can walk, jog, run or wobble your way around our 5km course - With everyone dressed in a super-sized, super-funny, Sumo Suit! Expect lots of giggles, smiles and shocked by-standers!

Have a butchers around this site to find out all you need to know about this year's event - and the charity it is raising money for.

There is also a ton of information about this year's event that can be found on our About Page - Head over to find out ALL you need to know about our fabulous Sumos! 

You can also check out our gallery of Sumo Runs past and press page for more information.

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The Sumo Run is organised by Link Community Development to raise funds to support our work in Africa. This year we are hoping to raise £20,000 to improve the quality of education for thousands of learners’. Find out more about Link by visiting our website by clicking here.